An Easy Way To Help Us Out

Southport Gymnastics Club has been shortlisted for a grant from the Aviva Fund but we need your help to win it.  The fund is decided through online votes and we need your help to gain as many as possible.

It is very easy to vote just;

  • Click on this link – click here –  and register with your email, anyone with an email can vote.
  • Confirm your email address by clicking a link in an email Aviva send you.
  • On the page the email link sends you to you can search for Southport Gymnastics and then click on the “Pittastics Gymnastics – Southport Gymnastics” link.
  • You now have 10 votes you can cast for the club by moving the slider over to the 10 you can cast them all at once.
  • Click “Submit Votes”
  • If you feel like going the extra mile share the link with your friends and family and ask them to vote for us too.

As simple as that and you have really helped us out and given us the best chance possible of winning the grant.

Thank you for your continued support.

Girls comp class

Christmas display 2015


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