Preschool children can begin at the age of 3 so it’s a great opportunity for them to learn gymnastics at an early age. During the hour long sessions the children do a warm up and learn basic shapes which will help them develop harder skills.  From here they are able to use all the large equipment we have in the gym.  Each week they use either, low and high beam, trampoline, rings or bars.

The classes are only groups of 15 so it’s a nice friendly environment which is led by a head coach and assistants. During the session they will also use hand apparatus to develop coordination.  This will include the use of hoops, balls, beanbags, ribbons and bats and balls.

At the end of the term these gymnasts have a presentation day where the parents can go in and watch their child do the moves they have learnt. The children are presented with a certificate and badge.  Preschool gymnastics is about being fun and as being a means to introduce them to the moves they will need when in recreational classes.