Our Facilities

Southport Gymnastics club provides a large, world class facility.
We cater for beginners through to international level and have equipment suitable for everyone.

Our Main Gym facility includes

A 12 x 12 sprung floor
A 13metre fast track
3 high level beams
3 sets of free standing bars
1 set of A bars
2 vaulting areas
5 sets of rings
3 sets of p bars
2 bench situations
1 set of pommels
1 x Bench area

Our Pitted Gym facility includes

1 x 19meter Ski run with foam landing area
1 x large trampoline
1 x high bar
1 x A Bar
1 x U Pitt
2 x free standing bars
1 x pommel horse
3 x sets of rings

Additionally we have lots and lots of soft play, hand apparatus and mini training equipment items for all classes!
SGC definitely aren’t short of equipment on offer which really helps us deliver great classes. However – we can never have enough so new items and upgrades come throughout the year.

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