Our Club Welfare Officer

At Southport Gymnastics Club (SGC) our aim is to
Create a safe environment for all participants and visitors.

Create an opportunity for all participants to improve their physical well-being.

Allow all participants, regardless of the level of skill they are working at, an opportunity to develop and achieve their potential.

Codes of Conduct can be found on the wall in reception, these include:

Code of Conduct For Coaches, Helpers and Volunteers
Code of Conduct for Participants.
Code of Conduct for Competition Squad Participants
Code of conduct for Parents, Guardians and Visitors.

As members of British Gymnastics, all practice within Southport Gymnastic Club adheres to British Gymnastics Codes of Conduct. Policies are stored in the office and can be made available by the Welfare Officer. Alternatively the British Gymnastics Policy can be found at:


All SGC specific policies are stored in the office and can be viewed on request in response to a specific concern.

If you have any concerns regarding the training of progress of your child – we ask that you speak firstly to your child’s Head Coach. The Club Manager is also available to deal with any concerns. If you are unhappy or do not feel comfortable approaching either of the above, please speak to the Club Welfare Officer.

Regarding a specific concern or incident – please note down the date time and circumstances surrounding your concern and report to a Head Coach, the Club Manager or Welfare Officer as soon as possible.

If you are unsure – Please speak to the welfare officer, Charlotte Grove, who will be able to advise you.

Email: welfareofficer@southportgymnastics.org.uk
Tel: 01704 571707

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