Tumbling Classes

Whether gymnasts want to further their tumbling skills or they are just learning to tumble then this is definitely the class for them.

Wednesday 4pm 

Saturday 12.30pm 

Sunday 10.30am or 12.30pm

Sessions are 50 minutes 

We totally understand that not all gymnasts want to train all pieces, which is why we introduced these classes. Some children just want to learn to flick and somersault, others may want help to learn those complicated badge skills a little quicker.

We have 4 sessions so your child will be sure to achieve what they want, and train alongside a small group wanting to do the same thing!

Any skill level can attend this class whether you are a:

Beginner – is aimed at gymnasts who need to focus on handstands, cartwheels and rolls
Intermediate – is aimed at gymnasts who want to learn round offs and are beginning to flick and handspring
Advanced – is aimed at gymnasts who can already flick and want to learn forwards and backwards somersaults.

Classes are available whether you are a current gymnasts or just want to learn to tumble and are coached by fully qualified coaches.  Available to Boys and Girls aged 6 and over.

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