Our Recreational gymnastic classes are for boys and girls aged 5+. During the hour long session they get to work in our fully equipped gym on all of the apparatus.  For girls they will use: Bars, Beam, sprung floor, trampoline, and Vault and the Boys will use: Pommel horse, Bars, Rings, Vault, trampoline and floor.

All gymnasts work towards their British Gymnastic Badges. They will be presented with the certificate and badge after completing 8 of 10 moves on the floor and 3 moves out of 4 moves on the apparatus.

Recreational classes are a great way to progress in gymnastics and all coaches will work hard to develop the individual to their full potential. During the year the gymnasts spend 4 weeks trying to learn routines for an internal competition.  This is open to all boys and girls and is held during the summer term in July.  It’s a great way to show case moves the children have been learning throughout the term.  Girls and Boys will compete in age categories and all coaches try to make it fun so they enjoy the experience of performing.

At the end of the winter term we finish with a Christmas display. This event involves all members of the club so it’s a great opportunity to see other performances including the Boys and Girls competition squad, the Cheerleaders and the older coaches.  Recreational children have the chance to be part of a team as well by spending 4 weeks working on a routine to perform in front of the crowd.  This truly is the highlight of our calendar year as it’s a great way to get involved with the club and watch other groups perform.